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Hii All
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Dear all,

Basically i am an Oracle Core DBA
Now i am managing RAC Databases too

I started In... (3 repl.)
Online Rebuild of Primary Key Index


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new optimizer statistics were automatically published when they were gathered.
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12 c PDB CDB - Unit based pricing challenge


My Company Supports Large number of Database / Infrastructure customers .
For the DBA O... (2 repl.)
--> Start a new thread ...
What is your experience with pluggable databases so far?
Already using. One or two gotcha's but generally ok.
R&D at the moment, with the intention of utilizing the CDB architectur...
Early days yet but a bit clunky.
Haven't explored this feature yet.
Yes, a nice feature.
Has anyone managed to get DBVisit to work in a pluggable ecosystem? I ...
We are using 12c/SE2 that means that we only can host 1 PDB in a CDB. ...